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Electrolux Appliance Repair

Electrolux AB, popularly known as Electrolux was founded through the merger of two companies, Lux AB and Svenska Elektron AB as a vacuum manufacturer. It later acquired Arctic AB to manufacture some other appliances it is known for today. Electrolux is a Swedish company with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The giant appliance maker is a world known brand that ranks closely after whirlpool to be the second largest appliance producer in the world.

Electrolux is the parent company to some popular appliance makers all over the world, like Frigidaire, Sigdo Coppers, and Anova Appliance among others. Though headquartered in Sweden, it has plants in many parts of the United States. The international appliance maker has a dishwasher plant in North Carolina, a freezer plant in Minnesota, and a refrigerator-producing facility in South Carolina.

With acquisitions and mergers in all the continents of the world, Electrolux has grown from a vacuum-only producing brand to a multinational company that manufactures home appliances, majorly for consumer use but also for the professionals. Although the company is notable for its laundry and kitchen appliances, Electrolux has manufactured a series of technologically advanced consumer-friendly products. These include their Perfect Taste range, Masterpiece blender, and SmartBoost washer.

As a company with solely the customer’s interest at heart, the manufacturing and design of its product are driven by the constant change in the need of the people all over the world. This is evidenced in the extra features their products have, which makes them both effective for what they are made for and unique in style.

Bring your Electrolux appliance for repair with us to eliminate all forms of doubts and regrets. Our professionals  have sound knowledge in the repair of any of the products made by Electrolux and the experience to go with it. Our services are tailored to suit the modern technologies manufactured by this brand.

Available Specialists Near You

Ashburn, VA

Available Specialists Near You

Ashburn, VA

Electrolux Appliance Repair Specialists in Ashburn, VA

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