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Commercial Mixer

Commercial Mixers


How will it feel if you are the one to make Meghan Markel and Prince Harry’s wedding cake? Exciting once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, right? Now, you have added all your ingredients into the mixer only to find that, though your mixer seems to be perfectly working, the beater won’t turn. The existence of your business is depended on the project, so, what do you do?

First, you need to know whether it is a simple problem you can solve on your own or if you need extra hands. To deal with this, you must know the likely causes of the problem and the parts that have issues.

Common Faults Found in Mixers


The mixer will not power on.

The problem might be electrical, so, check if the mixer is properly plugged and if the switch is turned on. If your mixer is overloaded, reduce the content in it as this might also be the cause of the problem. Contact a professional if these are not the case.


The mixer is dripping.

Lubricate your mixer if it drips with oil because a leaking mixer might be as a result of overheating. Check if your gaskets are not defective, as a damaged gasket needs to be replaced by a professional repairer.


A noisy mixer.

Regular lubrication goes a long way in keeping your mixer in a perfect order. A mixer making a squeaking noise might be as a result of dryness, worn gear or loose bolts. Lubricate and tighten the bolt. Contact a professional to replace damaged gear.


The speed control not working.

If you cannot control the speed of your mixer, it might be due to a defective circuit board. Contact a professional for thorough diagnosis.


Important Mixer Components our Professionals  carry in their mobile unit;


Circuit Board and control

Beater and Bowl

Wire Whip and Whisk

Dough Hook


Top Brands Our Professional Technicians Can Handle


Avantco, KitchenAid Commercial, Eurodib, Globe, Waring, Vollrath, San Jamar, Whirlpool Corporation And other top brands.

Available Specialists Near You

Ashburn, VA

Available Specialists Near You

Ashburn, VA

Commercial Mixer Specialists in Ashburn, VA

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