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Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal problems


Garbage disposals have one thing that makes them even, they are frustrating. It’s always like they all stop working the night when you’re just too tired. No matter how much you loathe them they are surely indispensable and very important as well. Like other appliances with movable parts, different things could go wrong in your disposal system and for different reasons. Unlike other home appliances, garbage disposals don’t cost much to fix.

Common garbage disposal problems includes;



clogs are the commonest garbage disposal problems for obvious reasons. It’s normal for garbage disposals to get jammed but if water stands for too long and your sink and takes forever to drain, your sink pipe has definitely been clogged. Sediments from scales to grease and other food particles are the frequent causes of a clogged sink. This can be fixed by our technicians.


Strange noises:

you can hear your disposal buzzing and humming but it won’t grind, makes weird noises or works at fits at starts, it could be jammed. This happens when something stifles the flywheel. This can be easily fixed for you.


Garbage disposal won’t turn on:

if your garbage disposal doesn’t come up, it’s probably the circuit breaker or a loosened plug. If you have checked all this and it’s intact then the most likely culprit is a bad switch. Relax, this too can be fixed.



 the major cause of a leaking garbage disposal is a loose mounting bolt, bad putty, flange, a hose or your connection. Our technicians will run a diagnostic test and fix or replace where appropriate.

Our team  carries the following parts in their mobile unit

  • Roller blade
  • Flange
  • Flywheel
  • Power switch.

We are experts in different brands of disposal repairs especially InSinkErator that has clearly dominated the garbage disposal market. Others like Waste King Legend repair can also be fixed by our team


Available Specialists Near You

Ashburn, VA

Available Specialists Near You

Ashburn, VA

Garbage Disposal Specialists in Ashburn, VA

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