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Walk In Freezer

Walk-in Freezer

Hygiene is highly important in food production and the best way to keep bacteria at bay is to have an efficient and effective walk-in freezer. You don’t want your patrons to develop food poisoning from the food you prepare. So, just like inventory is important to any business operation, the food service industry is not an exemption. Your meat- thawed, raw or marinating, chicken and milk have to be as good as fresh when you serve it, and the only way is to keep your freezer clean and working.

If there is any issue with your walk-in freezer therefore, you need to know if it is easy enough to tackle by yourself or you need a professional.

Some faults to look out for in your walk-in freezer.

  • Freezer not working

If your freezer shut off or won’t turn on, check to see if the power cord is properly connected or if the switch is turned on. Next, check whether there is a defect in the cord and replace it. Also, ensure the wall socket is working.

  • Ice buildup in the freezer

The evaporator coils in your walk-in freezer need to defrost regularly to prevent it from freezing up as this might lead to the reduction in airflow inside the freezer. Do manual defrost, clean the coil and the drain line or call a professional for thorough maintenance.

  • A high amount of moisture or humidity in the freezer.

Your freezer door and gasket are two important parts that can be easily ignored. Ensure the door is properly closed and the gasket is sealed to prevent excess air from getting into the freezer. Check the unit’s space for any leaks from a torn gasket. Contact a technician for further diagnoses.

Mobile Units of a Walk-in Freezer

  • Evaporator Coils
  • Condensers
  • Compressor
  • Door Latches, Seals, and Gaskets
  • Lightbulbs
  • Cold Controls

Top Brands

Nor-Lake, Kolpak, Dormont, FMP, Turbo Air, Globe, Ice-O- Matic, Commercial, 3M, Winco, KitchenAid, American Coolers and other major brands.

Available Specialists Near You

Ashburn, VA

Available Specialists Near You

Ashburn, VA

Walk In Freezer Specialists in Ashburn, VA

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